Periodically I get this overwhelming urge to redo the way I exist on the internet. The last time this happened I tore down an aging textile install and switched over to tumblr for pretty much everything.

This time?

Tumblr will remain; or at least, the tumblr account will remain. I will continue posting links, videos, pictures, &c on it. Textual content of any substantiative nature is going to be migrated to a statically generated blog managed via nanoc. That’s going to live at the current subdomain for this tumblr, in all likelihood. If you follow this via the dashboard, you’re going to be fine. If you follow this by RSS, well, all my rss shit is likely to be changing. I’ll keep you apprised.

1fp is going to be archived. I’m pulling all of the content out of tumblr and will be putting together static pages that keep it all together. That’s likely going to happen a goodly while after the initial reordering of subdomains, rss feeds, &c.

This is still some weeks off.^1^ But since things may fail in unexpected ways as I try to roll stuff out, there’s a good chance I may not realize I need to warn you of a change before it’s too late.^2^

So, I guess you’ve been warned.

  1. And knowing me, may very well never actually happen

  2. Also, it helps for me to blather on about things like this to help me sort out what I’m actually doing.