Dressing Like an Adult Revisited

In my ongoing attempt to morph myself into the kind of adult I want to be, one step has been the theoretically shallow attempt to dress a bit better. To that end some time ago I brainstormed about a minimal “adult” wardrobe.

I’ve actually pursued this some, and since some people seemed interested, I thought I would update.

Here’s the original list:

  • Two well cut dark wash jeans
  • One dark color non-jean pair of casual pants (chino’s, I guess)
  • One pair of proper “dressy” pants
  • One good suit
  • Six or seven nice, but casual button down shirts
  • Two dress shirts
  • A handful of nice ties
  • Good black shoes
  • Good brown shoes
  • Two good blazers/jackets

Of that, I have:

  • One well cut pair of dark wash jeans.
  • One pair of gray flat-front slacks
  • One really nice button down dress shirt
  • Two nice casual button downs
  • Good balck shoes
  • One black blazer

It’s a start. The most interesting thing I found was that much of this was already in my wardrobe. I just needed to pull those pieces out and not combine them with cruddy, baggy clothes, since then they looked awful. And in more than one instance I found actually taking them to the tailor to get the fit improved was incredibly helpful. Seriously, if there’s a lesson here, it’s that tailors are your friend.