Dressing Like an Adult

As I’ve grown up, I’ve taken stock and noticed my wardrobe of baggy jeans and hoodies doesn’t really fit for a late-twenties, soon-to-be-married, recently-tried-to-buy-a-house guy. That, plus the input of Put This On has led me to start thinking about what a complete but relatively minimal “adult” wardrobe (that I would want to own) might need.

Here’s my take so far:

  • Two well cut dark wash jeans
  • One dark color non-jean pair of casual pants (chino’s, I guess)
  • One pair of proper “dressy” pants
  • One good suit
  • Six or seven nice, but casual button down shirts
  • Two dress shirts
  • A handful of nice ties
  • Good black shoes
  • Good brown shoes
  • Two good blazers/jackets

I have no idea if this is actually complete, and I’m sure the list bored you to tears. I’m just brainstorming here.

What are your thoughts?