Everything Changes

Hey, the new site setup referenced before is live! Sadly, this does mean you need to update your bookmarks and/or feeds.


The main page of humanmade is much as it always was. New colors, but that’s about it. It’s all running on nanoc now, which is pretty nice. The blog is accessible from humanmade.org/blog/ and blog.humanmade.org. At some point the latter will become a redirect to the former, but for now we’ll leave it as is.

The feed is humanmade.org/blog.xml.


I still love tumblr, and I’m not leaving it. The tumblr lives on at tumblr.humanmade.org. Random links, videos, images, and so on will continue to be posted there. Additionally, anything posted here will be crossposted to tumblr via IFTTT. So if you just want to follow tumblr stuff, that’s fine.

The feed there is tumblr.humanmade.org/rss.

Why the change?

Obviously, given everything is still feeding in to tumblr, I have no problem with it. But increasingly, I do feel the need to own my stuff. Which is to say, if you’re reading this on my site, all of this is mine. The content all lives on my computer, and in my git repos, and on my server. I don’t have to export it weirdly using a tool that only works on OS X. I don’t have to munge that data to get it back into nice plain markdown. I own this, and I make it do what I want it to do.


1fp still lives at 1fp.humanmade.org. I think I will probably resume it soon, in some form.