Making a Non Compliant Sticker

I am a huge fan of Kelly Sue DeConnick. Sort of embarrassingly so. She and Warren Ellis are my two “subscribe to everything” comic authors.

One of her upcoming projects is “Bitch Planet”. She has a design blog for it that recently posted this awesome piece of art:

Awesome, right?

Absent any context for it beyond the notion of “non compliant” I saved the image, thinking I wanted it as a sticker or something.

And then Splatspace got a vinyl cutter. Using Inkcut, a plugin for Inkscape, another member at Splatspace helped me create the sticker and cut it out of white vinyl. It was a pretty good sample project, because the design is super simple and blocky.

The cutter, a Roland Vinyl Cutter, actually functions as a printer; you process an image in Inkscape to reduce it to just the lines you want, and then use Inkcut to send it as a print file to the cutter. It’s a really simple process.

And here it is on my computer, my newest sticker (alongside Juju, Octocat, and Sherlock & Watson):