On Tipping and Charity

I’m a regular reader of Waiter Rant, and his recent article gave rise to two points I specifically have to address.

The first is the main part of the article—the notion that you must tip extra at the holidays at your regular establishment. I have never ever heard of such a thing. I’m curious if this is a larger city thing, a north east corridor thing, or a New York thing.

The second point is his closing line.

And if you bought yourself something as superfluous as an iPad this year you better give the Salvation Army something or you’ll burn in hell.

I can understand the sentiment, but this is so self-righteous that I have to call it out. There are a lot of perfectly valid reasons to not give a penny to the Salvation Army. Now charity? Absolutely you should give to charity if you have the disposable income. But I have serious qualms with actions the SA has taken—like threatening to close their soup kitchens as a political maneuver.

There’s not much content to this post. Just a question, and an objection.