I’ve been playing a lot with the idea of assigning myself something of a more regular schedule. As nothing more than an expirement, here’s a stab at an ideal schedule.

  • 0500 Wake up.
  • 0515 Workout.
  • 0600 Make breakfast. Wake up Heather.
  • 0630 Walk the dogs.
  • 0730 Get back from walking the dogs. Make coffee.
  • 0800 Read the paper, feeds, comics, &c
  • 0900 Start work.
  • 1200 Break for lunch.
  • 1230 Side projects, errands, &c
  • 1430 Return to work.
  • 1730 Standup meeting.
  • 1800 Make dinner. Have dinner. Spend time with Heather. Potentially do more side project work.
  • 2100 Head to bed.
  • 2200 Lights out.

Obviously this is just one possible “ideal” schedule. There’s a lot of questions to raise with this one, but it’s been rattling around in my head so I thought I should get it written down.