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Jun 18, 2017 | 1 minute read

New site. New home.

Been quiet for a long time, haven’t I? Last post was 2014. Not coincidentally, that’s when my wife and I had twin girls enter our lives; less time for mucking about. Though plenty of time to post pictures to social media.

Social media is the reason this is back. Because I haven’t really been quiet, have I? I’ve been plenty loud on twitter. Plenty loud on facebook. Posted plenty to instagram and telegram groups. But nothing on my own site. Nothing in a place I own.

Ownership is important–because let’s face it, twitter is terrible. I basically have privelege:yes, and I still find it a cesspool of unpleasant interactions more often than I’d like. More and more it doesn’t really feel like a sustainable service. And it really doesn’t feel like the internet commons I think we all hoped for once upon a time.

So spinning this up again. Trying my hand at that whole longform writing thing again. Or at least longer than 140 characters. I’ve brought my whole archive over here with me. Let’s see where it goes.